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Oby  has drawn famous people over the years, Prince William and Prince Harry to name but a few, but there has never been a more exciting and proud moment the day he presented Robert Lenkiewicz with his caricature.

'The Dossers Annual Christmas Dinner'

Christmas day 2001

Sadly it would be Roberts last Christmas as he sadly passed in 2002. This particular Christmas was special, oby would get a call from Robert asking if he would like to come to Plymouth to help serve Chrismas dinner to the needy and homeless (fondly known as the 'Dossers') Robert had been doing this kind deed every Christmas since the 70's The 'Dossers' would also get warm clothing and blankets.

Robert Lenkiewicz is the reason Oby draws today, since a young boy growing up in a childrens home in Plymouth during the late 60's and early 70's and finding out that Roberts son Reuben Lenkiewicz was also in the same childrens home and even shared the same dormitory. Thanks to Reuben Oby got to know Robert over the years and was a regular visitor to the Barbican gallery,  even when he should have been at school. A young oby would spend time at the doorway to the studio, Robert would be sat with a sketch pad and pencil just inside the door drawing quick  portraits for the those affording the £1 fee. Then it was a mad rush home to find his pencils and drawing pad eager to replicate the deft pencil strokes previously seen that day.

The Dossers Annual Christmas Dinner by oby

Project 2000 by oby

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The Barbican Mural by Robert Lenkiewicz

Photo of oby taken taken at the Barbican studio

Photo: Robert Lenkiewicz

Early self portrait of Robert Lenkiewicz

A typical pencil portrait by Robert Lenkiewicz early 70's