After creating my first lockdown project it did not occur to me that there would be another lockdown, after all, the country was sort of getting back to normal or at least the new normal. We were allowed back in pubs but only in  bubbles of 2 and it was  mandatory to have a substantial meal (Scotch egg and a bag of crisp would do the trick)   Shops had stopped their 2 meter distance rule and one way systems reverted back to manic shopping but still the wearing of masks was still manditory.  You could even treat yourself to a much needed  haircut...   But then it was announced  by Boris that a further lockdown was imminent, Lockdown 2 was coming and that would mean an end to Christmas 2020

I had no idea what my Lockdown 2 project would be but knew I needed to create something special to top the first Lockdown I would be thinking about this for days, when from out of nowhere it dawned on me that I should do something christmas related and not only that  Captain Tom should be the main feature and so I came up with 'Secret Santa'...

My intention was to draw a caricature of captain  Tom and send it to him for his 100th birthday but this was easier said than done. Everytime I turned the TV on I would learn something new about this great war hero. Each day I would add to the drawing this meant missing his birthday deadline so i decided to send it to him once complete. He was now more than a war hero he had now become our NHS Fundraising Hero. I was destined to create something for Captain Tom after learning we were both born in the West riding of Yorkshire, both joined the Royal Armoured Corps and were both stationed at Bovington camp but that is where the similarity ends because Captain Tom bravely served in WW2 No wars for me but I did a few actice service tours of Northern ireland.

Last year was a year I will never forget it was 2020 and only 3 months into the new year.The COVID-19 pandemic was sweeping through mainland Britain putting a heavy burdon on the NHS. The prime minister had put the country into Lockdown. It was whilst watching the BBC news I was filled with emotion.  I was captivated by one awesome individual an elderly man 99 years of age he was walking laps of his garden with a target of 100 laps by his 100th birthday  hoping to raise £1,000 for the NHS.  Day by day he was becoming famous his  name was being mentioned around the world. He had become fondly known as 'Captain Tom' It seemed over night he had become our NHS fundraising Hero. The £1,000 target had been surpassed reaching just short of £33 million

Having missed Captain Tom's birthday deadline I was determined not to miss the Christmas deadline but just like with the first project  I was adding to secret santa as and when I learned something new. It seemed on a daily basis something would be named after Captain Tom like the new inter city express train  for the Great Western Railway.  I enjoyed drawing the train I even bought  the limited edition version which came in handy as a prop.

The other favourite of mine was the Beano comic I just at to buy one for my new Captain Tom collection, I would also use it as a prop. My new hobby of collecting Captain Tom bits and pieces was building up nicely.

Did you know captain Tom had a gin named after him? Well what a great addition to my collection. I managed to order early and was able to purchase a bottle from the first ever batch and yes you guessed right I used it as a prop. It now sits proudly in my cabinet... unopened...for now!

After spending time in India during the war Captain Tom spent time in Dorset at the Royal Armoured Corps Bovington with the Armoured Fighting Vehicle  (AFV) School as an instructor on the Churchill tank. His regiment serving in India were equipped with the American tank M3 Lee as seen here. Captain Tom was also an avid motorcycle racer

Captain Tom met The Otterbeck Distillery co-owner Dougie Lampkin whilst filming a TV show about his life. They both shared an interest in the Yorkshire Dales and vintage motorbikes. It was whilst captain Tom was visiting the Distillery that he joked about having his own gin one day and so it was to be. Donations from sales will go to charities set up by the Captain Tom Foundation.

Welcome to

I have Robert Lenkiewicz to thank for my love of drawing. I remember standing in his studio doorway watching him draw pencil portraits for those lucky enough to afford the £1 fee. I remember being eager to get back to the childrens home and get my pencils out and try to emulate the deft pencil strokes I had seen Robert lenkiewicz do.

I would make many more visits to the studio over the years and become a big fan of his work. Robert always welcomed me to look round the studio on Barbican. I can still smell the paint on the canvases and all the tubes of paints along with many homemade palettes each palette cut to a regular size and painted black. Robert always prepared the canvas by painting the canvas black It was fascinating to see several palettes on the go for different canvases. Amongst all the brushes pots and props I was intrigued by the vintage mirror with handle just like the one my mum had on her dresser, I later learned that Robert used this as a tool, apparantly this allows artists  to see the image reversed, which makes any distortions or imbalances more obvious, it also allows you to see a fresh view of the subject.  Robert was a prolific painter I was always treated to something new on each visit.

I eventually left Plymouth to join the army in 1979 My visits still continued when I had leave, it was a delight to see Roberts latest project.

When I left the army I ended up living in Dorset. It was whilst I was working at the library I was offered accommodation with a  Dorchester family and was offered the the granny annex.  I loved my time there I was really made welcome and I became part of the family. The family got to know all about my love for drawing and it wasn't long before I converted them to being Lenkiewicz fans.

My Landlady was Norwegian and her family would come over to England on holiday,  it was during one of their stays that their cousin Daniella (newly converted lenkiewicz fan),  she loved my Lenkiewicz silkscreens that I had on the walls througout the house. I asked Daniella wether she would like to be a muse for Robert, she was gobsmacked that I actually knew Robert lenkiewicz and that I could arrange this. I wrote to Robert and sent some photos of Daniella. I will always remember the look on Daniella's face giving her the news that Robert had phoned saying he would love to paint her. She was over the moon the day I introduced her to Robert. Her storey would eventually make the Norwegian national papers.

Typical Lenkiewicz £1 portrait from the 1970's

Daniella with doll by Robert Lenkiewicz 1998

It was a great moment for me when Robert asked  if I would like to help out with the 'Dossers'  Anual Christmas Dinner, an event that had been going since the 1970's at the Bretonside bus station Plymouth. Robert laid on a Christmas dinner for those less fortunate and offered out blankets and warm clothing. Christmas carols would be playing in the background. It felt like an old friends reunion. I was so glad that I had the chance to help out on this particular Christmas day as Robert sadly passed away in 2002

Robert was presented with a caricature I had done called 'The Dosser's Anual Christmas Dinner' I have drawn one of the 'Dossers (fondly known as) holding a plate of Christmas dinner with just the wishbone and a single pea left of what was a full Christmas dinner. Robert once mentioned to me he liked my humour in my drawings and that I should do more. He said I was an amusing man... I was happy with that.

Prince William 2007

Hi and welcome to my website.  my hobby is drawing and painting in various mediums.  I enjoy drawing caricatures  and humouous topics. I also like to draw and paint  landscapes and seascapes  I no longer take on commissions these days so this website is just a place to archive past works along with a few stories about me and my hobby. If you see something you would like printed then please contact me

I have been drawing for over 40 years. my first ever cartoon  I was brave enough to show off was way back in 1978 I was working as a storeman for the Royal Automile Club in  Plymouth. It was my first job after leaving school. There was never enough space in the store so I made a point of this by drawing myself trying to get through the door desperately needing to reach the mens room, fortunately for me the office manager saw the funny side and was happy for it to stay up on the staff  notice board.

Fun and Happy Art

Nurse May Parsons seen above holding her Secret Santa Art print was the first person to administer the  Covid-19 vaccine. On the 8th of December 2020 at 06:31 GMT A UK grandmother Margaret keenanseen below became the first person in the world to be given the Pfizer Covid-19 jab this was the start of a mass vaccination programme throughout the UK and the world.

Dosser's Anual Christmas Dinner drawn by me in 2001

This was presented to Robert at the bretonside bus station in Plymouth during the anual Christmas gathering fondly known as the Anual Dosser's Christmas dinner

To see great paintings by Robert lenkiewicz

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Robert lenkiewicz recieving his caricature Christmas day 2001

How it all began...

Robert lenkiewicz

self portrait

Margaret Keenan seen holding her Secret Santa art print and Captain Tom 1000 piece Jigsaw Puzzle


My Niece georgia after completing the puzzle on Christmas day with the help of her sister Chantelle and her mum